Aiming at valuations are getting more and more complex with continuous changes in the regulatory and business environment. We provide advice to corporate, individuals and firms, for a wide range of their "valuation" requirements. The range of valuation services we provide broadly cover the following:

  • Corporate and business valuations
  • Acquisition of business in India or overseas
  • Determination of swap ratio for mergers/ amalgamations
  • Valuation of business segments/ divisions for spin-off/ re-structuring
  • Valuation for share purchase/ investment/ fund raising
  • Intangible asset valuation (Brand/ IPR/ others)
  • Valuation for purchase price allocation (PPA) for accounting for business combinations
  • Employee stock option (ESPO’s) valuation
  • Build/ review financial models

Other services

Some of our other services you might be interested in

Shared CFO Office

We work with our client companies as a strategic partner, and not just as any other Employee or an Advisor. Moreover, as start up or a SME, you may not need services of a full time CFO.

Tax Advisory and Compliances

Our taxation consultancy solutions provide absolute control to our clients, enabling them to align their strategies with the constant change in tax policies and regulations.

Project Finance

Locating cost effective and best suited sources of finance for your project is our strength.We can assist in raising funds from Banks, Financial Institutions, and Private Funds.

GST creating confusion for your business. We are here to help.

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